Welcome to the MATRIX! We LOVE working with other wholesalers and companies who need help selling their deals! We are here to help! We also give you more than other JV wholesalers by offering you 60% of the profit! We only ask for 40%.

JV Guidelines

To be able to save you a lot of time and make you as much as possible on your deals, please fill out the form below and follow these steps!

  •   Please upload picture link. There are a ton of free sites/apps (https://www.dropbox.com) (google.com) (Etc.)
  •  We need lockbox code or access instructions including occupancy status of property (vacant/owner occupied/tenant occupied)
  •  Please be sure that you have the property under contract, as you’ll need to upload a copy. We request this bc there have been plenty of instances in the past where people have sent us deals that we marketed for them when they didn’t even have the home under contract.
  • Please be sure you have this property under contract for at least 55-60%% of Zillow Arv or less. Example: Zestimate = $100,000 Must have contract at $55,000-$60,000 or less. There are exceptions to this guideline if the zillow estimate is way off.  Submit the deal and let us take a look!

Keep in mind, once everything is submitted, we will reach out to you to confirm acceptance within 24 hours or less (typically 12 hours). If accepted, we will need approximately 3-5 days to find a buyer, and an additional 10 days or so to get this closed.

The simplest way to manage projects out there